Our approved retailers in the UK!

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce several consumer brands are officially licenced to use Bioglitter® logos!

Now launched, our scheme allows people to purchase Bioglitter from approved sources safe in the knowledge that they are a credible retailer working with us on the journey to take on the plastic pledge. Our approved licencees will be able to display the Bioglitter® brand on their products, so you of course know that the glitter you are buying is authentic Bioglitter®, the most eco-friendly glitter currently available on the market.

So far consumer brands on the new scheme and key sellers of Bioglitter® in the UK include:

  • Moon Glitter
  • Eco GlitterFun
  • EcoStardust
  • Katie’s Heart
  • Glitter Body Art
  • Fun and Glitter.

Our very own Stephen Cotton said: “There are a lot of glitter suppliers worldwide who claim they make or sell biodegradable glitter, but the consumer often can’t be sure if what they are buying is actually an eco-friendly glitter.  In some cases companies have even been selling plastic glitter as Biodegradable and this is just one of the many reasons why we wanted to set up an official accreditation to give consumers confidence in what they are actually buying.

“As the market leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly glitter, developing an approved system where consumer brands can use our Bioglitter® logo on their products, is an assurance for the end user that the product they buy is truly an eco-friendly glitter.”

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