Bioglitter® has been developed and is manufactured by Ronald Britton Ltd. Ronald Britton Ltd is a British company and has been involved with the supply of glitter products to the UK market for over 40 years.

In 2010 Ronald Britton Ltd recognised that PET glitter, due to its size, being 100% plastic and in single use applications it could be a small contributor, but nevertheless still a contributor, to micro plastic pollution.

With no credible alternative Ronald Britton embarked on a journey, to trail blaze the industry and develop an ecologically friendly alternative and provide manufacturers and consumers with a viable option to move away from traditional plastic glitters. Bioglitter® is the manifestation of this vision and journey to ultimately offer a 100% plastic free and >95% of its content biodegradable in the natural environment. Both of these goals are well above the requirements of biodegradable standards.

You can clearly see with each Bioglitter® product range, be it Bioglitter® Sparkle or Bioglitter® Pure how we are progressing on this journey.  For example Bioglitter® Sparkle is 92% there on its plastic free journey and Bioglitter® Pure being 100% plastic free will have reached its goal on product launch.