Ronald Britton Ltd a British company based in the north-west of England and has been involved with the supply of glitter products to UK markets since the 1970’s.  Ronald Britton are the inventors, manufacturers and brand owners of Bioglitter™

In 2010, Ronald Britton Ltd recognised that plastic glitter, due to its small size, being made from plastic and its use in many single-use applications, could be a contributor to microplastic pollution.

With no credible alternatives available, Ronald Britton Ltd embarked on a journey to develop the technology and manufacturing capabilities to trailblaze the industry and provide consumer brands, contract manufacturers and consumers with a viable option to move away from traditional plastic glitters.

Bioglitter™ is the manifestation of that vision and a journey to ultimately offer a range of eco friendly glitters that are independently certified biodegradable in natural, fresh water environments.

Bioglitter™:  Establishing a NEW eco friendly standard for the glitter industry, through the use of the world’s best and well respected independent certification body in the field, TÜV Austria.