Marie Brocart build on their award winning ‘Semari Shimmer Body Butter’ success.   

Award Winning and Women’s Brand of The Year 2020:  Marie Brocart build on the success of their Shimmer: Body Butters, Body Oils, Lip Balm and Body Scrubs with the addition of new Shimmer Bath Salt and Shimmer Dry Roll-On Body Oil product ranges.



Stephen Cotton from Ronald Britton Ltd (Bioglitter™) said “Last month Marie Brocart’s  Semari Shimmer Body Butter was awarded ‘Love Cosmetics Awards’  Unforgettable Experience 2021.  We are so pleased for Marie Brocart, congratulations.  It’s wonderful to see our products associated with their recent success and exciting to see their inventive range of shimmer products continue to expand”

Marie Brocart commented “Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE is an ground breaking cosmetic raw material and the obvious choice for our innovative shimmer products that demand only the best quality cosmetic raw materials.  We are so pleased with how our shimmer product ranges have been received.  Winning the Love Cosmetics Award 2021 is a fantastic achievement, over 500 companies submitted their products in the competition, so it is even greater success.”


To see Marie Brocart’s growing range of shimmer products visit: https://www.mariebrocart.pl/

All Marie Brocart ‘Shimmer’ products are made with genuine Bioglitter™ demonstrated by the use of the Bioglitter™ logo on their website and products. https://www.mariebrocart.pl/strona/bioglitter