Delight as the popular ASOS team visit Bioglitter HQ!

Every day is a busy day at Bioglitter HQ. Our team are constantly working hard behind the scenes to help take our eco-friendly glitter to the next level.

Of course, we have an excellent story to tell and that’s why we do like to have a guest or two every so often to show people exactly what we do!

Well, recently, we welcomed fashion giants ASOS to our HQ to show them where all the magic happens.

ASOS have recently launched their first ever YouTube series and the first episode covered Bioglitter and body confidence.

The episode covered a wide range of topics, none more so than the issue of plastic glitter at festivals. We were only too happy to answer the request of ASOS and tell their viewers about who we are and what our journey is all about.

Our very own Stephen Cotton was the star of the show and he spoke about what Bioglitter is and the real issues of plastic glitter.

He certainly did Bioglitter proud with Team ASOS being extremely impressed along with prominent bloggers that featured in the video as well.

Festival goers at El Dorado

We’re hoping this is just the start of a huge journey for us, where people want to know more and ultimately use Bioglitter.

Testing reveals the world’s most eco-friendly glitter!

It is with great pleasure that we are delighted to announce that our Bioglitter has officially been named as the most eco-friendly glitter in the world!

Having undergone weeks of independent testing, OWS, an independent biodegradability testing organisation, has confirmed that Bioglitter® sets a new environmental standard for sparkles.

Results from the OWS show that Bioglitter degrades in the natural environment, in only four weeks, tremendous news!

During testing, a competitor glitter manufactured from PLA showed no evidence of degradation during the same time period which really does highlight the importance of using Bioglitter!

Bioglitter’s very own, Stephen Cotton, had this to say on the results: “We tested in freshwater, ISO 14851 which is the equivalent of river or lake water. This was a realistic test based on one of the most challenging natural environments and results showed that the biodegradable content in Bioglitter broke down within four weeks.

“Results did confirm exactly what was expected but it’s still extremely pleasing to see.”

As everybody knows, Bioglitter replaces the use of plastics in the core of glitter with a plant based product, cellulose.

This special form of cellulose, unique to Bioglitter, is stable and won’t degrade on the shelf, however once it enters soil, compost or waste water environments, where microorganisms are present, the glitter will naturally decompose.

Stephen added: “The issue of plastic waste and microplastics is something we’ve been thinking about and working towards tackling in glitter for over a decade.

“We’ve spent several years in research and development and our first product, Bioglitter Sparkle, represents the first naturally degradable glitter on the market.”

Click here to find out more about Biodegradability Testing and Bioglitter®’s Independent Biodegradability Testing Results

Popular fun runs use Bioglitter!

Glitter, glitter and guess what, even more glitter! That’s right, our vast range of Bioglitter colours took over the glitter runs in aid of St Margaret’s Hospice.

Taking place over two dates at Wincanton and Taunton racecourses, just short of 2,000 people took to the courses and raised money for the hospice.

People of all ages conquered the course which saw them go through FOUR unique glitter stations. Our Bioglitter certainly made an impact as shown by the fantastic pictures and in total, more than (insert figure) was raised.

It’s also great to see that organisers from the run used our Bioglitter instead of normal plastic glitter. Glitter can still be enjoyed, particularly for fun runs, we just like to make sure it’s Bioglitter being used.

Our very own Stephen Cotton, said: “Two amazing runs have taken place raising a vast amount of money for what is a superb charity.

“The fun runs are for an excellent cause and I’m delighted Bioglitter could play a part in being involved. Our glitter is currently 92 per cent plastic free and 90 per cent biodegradable in the natural environment and it’s the most eco-friendly on the market.

“Just by looking at the pictures, the glitter looks superb and has a real shimmer to it. I believe the two runs were extremely well received and families of all ages had two enjoyable days.”

Of course we know that Bioglitter has fantastic eco credentials but we do urge people to still clean up as much as they can once the event is finished!

However, we know that always isn’t the case and that’s why it’s great that Bioglitter is the only glitter of its kind to biodegrade in the natural environment and that is why the glitter run organisers chose to use us!

“The environmental impact was a big consideration when planning our Glitter Run events. Therefore the glitter we are using is non-toxic and biodegradable. We are also reducing the plastic waste at our events by having water stations rather than giving out plastic water bottles, “said Sonia Bateman, Events Fundraiser at St. Margaret’s Hospice.

“The pictures speak for themselves, everyone had a fabulous glittery time and we are so pleased we have been able to put on an event, raising money to help care for people all over Somerset while also keeping the beautiful Somerset countryside safe.”

Remember folks, the Bioglitter journey is only just getting started, currently at 92 per cent plastic free, we’re hoping in the near future to have a 100 per cent plastic free glitter!

Our approved retailers in the UK!

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce several consumer brands are officially licenced to use Bioglitter® logos!

Now launched, our scheme allows people to purchase Bioglitter from approved sources safe in the knowledge that they are a credible retailer working with us on the journey to take on the plastic pledge. Our approved licencees will be able to display the Bioglitter® brand on their products, so you of course know that the glitter you are buying is authentic Bioglitter®, the most eco-friendly glitter currently available on the market.

So far consumer brands on the new scheme and key sellers of Bioglitter® in the UK include:

  • Moon Glitter
  • Eco GlitterFun
  • EcoStardust
  • Katie’s Heart
  • Glitter Body Art
  • Fun and Glitter.

Our very own Stephen Cotton said: “There are a lot of glitter suppliers worldwide who claim they make or sell biodegradable glitter, but the consumer often can’t be sure if what they are buying is actually an eco-friendly glitter.  In some cases companies have even been selling plastic glitter as Biodegradable and this is just one of the many reasons why we wanted to set up an official accreditation to give consumers confidence in what they are actually buying.

“As the market leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly glitter, developing an approved system where consumer brands can use our Bioglitter® logo on their products, is an assurance for the end user that the product they buy is truly an eco-friendly glitter.”

Bioglitter is popping up all over the world!

Here, there and everywhere! That’s right, after a successful month in April, May has proved to be equally as successful as Bioglitter has popped up across the world!

From New Zealand to mainland Europe, Bioglitter has been drawing the plaudits and we’re over the moon with the recognition we have received.

Key titles such as Premium Beauty News and Global Cosmetic News have recognised the fantastic journey we are on to create plastic free, eco friendly glitter.

Here’s hoping for another successful month where we yet again see Bioglitter hitting the headlines!

Check out a snapshot of our latest coverage:

Month of April is a resounding success!

The month of April proved to be a successful one for us as we hit the headlines across the world following the launch of our innovative product, Bioglitter Sparkle.

Headlines were not the only thing we grabbed as our trip to Amsterdam saw us claim Gold for the second year running as we claimed the most Innovative Cosmetic Raw Material award at In Cosmetics 2018.

Amsterdam was a rousing success and we made plenty of contacts which we hope will take Bioglitter to everywhere in world.

Our product, Bioglitter Sparkle, really has proved an instant hit with top titles including Yahoo, London Evening Standard and MSN all recognising the fantastic work we are trying to achieve.

And the coverage didn’t stop there, we were named in Fabulous Magazine’s Graph of Greatness whilst popular blogger, Pixi Woo left a nice review about Bioglitter and we were also on the BBC website!

An excellent start and one we’re extremely proud of, May is here and here’s hoping to another successful month!

Bioglitter® strikes gold for a 2nd time at In Cosmetics Global.


Bioglitter stikes gold again!!!  For the second year running Ronald Britton are awarded Gold for Cosmetic Bioglitter® Pure for most Innovative Cosmetic Raw Material at In Cosmetics 2018 in Amsterdam.

Cosmetic Bioglitter® Pure is Ronald Brittons latest range in the Bioglitter® Product Family and is the first of its kind a glitter that is 100% plastic free, 100% aluminium free, 100% antimony free and biodegradable in the natural environment.

Cosmetic Bioglitter® Pure will become both available to sample and also available commercially in September 2018.


Interest in eco-friendly glitters extends outside the cosmetics industry.  Bioglitter® has successfully trialed in the gift card printing, paving the way for Ronald Britton’s new family of Bioglitter® products for the printing, coating and decorative industries; Deco Bioglitter®.

Deco Bioglitter® is due to be launched June 2018.


During the April in-cosmetics global event held last week at the ExCeL in London, Ronald Britton successfully struck Gold with their new innovative range of Bio-glitters as they won Gold in the Make-Up Bar Award 2017. Judged at the event by an elite panel of colour cosmetic experts as well as show visitors, this new award commends the most innovative developments in colour cosmetics and make-up.

Technical Director, Andrew Thompson commented; “After working with the Bio-glitter technology for over a year, we were extremely excited to officially launch the newly upgraded globally cosmetic compliant Bio-glitter range to the cosmetic industry this year. Winning Gold for this award is testament to the unique position of our product in the market and the special effects which can be achieved with this new technology.”