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Whatever the application. We always recommend Bioglitter® is tested in formulation and application. The suitability of Bioglitter® to be used in an application is the responsibility of the customer.


Deco Bioglitter® is suitable for use on flowers and plants to enhance their natural beauty. When glitter is used in this application there are many opportunities for it to fall off and enter the environment throughout the supply cycle; at the coater, in the delivery truck, in the store and final disposal at home. Bioglitter® is the perfect choice to ensure minimal environmental impact. Bioglitter is suitable for dipping, spraying or sprinkling coating techniques.


When fabrics printed with glitter are washed there is a chance that some could be shed during the washing process and enter the environment. Deco Bioglitter® is perfect for use on fabric, can be both flatbed and rotary screen printed.


Heat resistant and suitable for use in both thermographic and screen printing techniques.


Heat resistant and suitable for use in both thermographic or screen printing techniques.


Suitable for use in decorative dip coating, mixing pre-application with clear top coats and dry spray.


Use smaller sizes for more subtle paint effect or larger sizes for bolder artistic impression. Suitable for use in art materials like children’s paints, acrylic paints or glitter glue products for example.