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The first product developed by Ronald Britton Ltd, now rebranded as Cosmetic Bioglitter Sparkle, Cosmetic Bioglitter® Sparkle, uses our unique plant derived film to offer an eco friendly glitter without equal in the industry and represents our brightest effect Cosmetic Bioglitter®.

The product is naturally biodegradable, antimony free and because of the cellulose film, it is softer than traditional glitter, making it extremely comfortable when on
the skin.

Cosmetic Bioglitter® does contain a small amount of synthetic material necessary to create high reflective elements whilst retaining functionality in application. Compared with plastic glitter, this will have a significantly reduced impact on the environment and as with all Bioglitter products we are driving to achieve 100% plastic free.


  • 90% plastic free
  • Can be used in all rinse off cosmetics, compliant with all worldwide microbead legislation
  • 100% aluminum free
  • Can be use on lips, compliant with all worldwide cosmetic legislation2
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • 100% antimony free1
  • Softer on skin than polyester glitter
  • 10 colour options in 4 sizes
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians and allergen free
  • Globally cosmetic compliant including EC regulation
  • 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21 Cosmetic Regulations2
  • Based on core film technology unique to Bioglitter
  • Specialised regenerated cellulose derived from renewable raw materials sourced to FSC standards
  • Certified to OK Compost Home and Marine biodegradable to ASTM D6691-09 in addition to Industrial ComposinG Standards EN13432 and ASTM D6400.


the 'xxx' part of the product code)
CODE83901/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR


SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83903/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR

Light Gold

SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83910/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR


SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83908/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR

Autumn Glow

SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83954/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR

Rose Pink

SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83926/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR


SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83923/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR

Sea Green

SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83966/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR

Ocean Blue

SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83930/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR


SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
CODE83900/xxxH.FDAPRODUCT RANGECosmetic Bioglitter® PureCOLOUR


SHAPEHexSIZES006, 008, 015, 040, 094
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